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Axion Infotech offers training for machine operation which helps employees start work with the essentials they need to succeed. Training covers standard production processes like maintenance, operations and programming. Training focus on a range of machines, including EDM, Wire EDM and EDM Hole Drilling.


Axion Infotech provides calibration services for old wirecut machines. This helps in evaluating and adjusting the precision and accuracy of the machine. Calibration of machine helps in maintaining the accuracy of the axis for a longer period.

Preventive Maintenance And AMC

Preventive Maintenance is necessary for smooth machine performance, it maximizes the machine utilization and trouble free operation, regular PM is required to protect your investment.
Axion Infotech offers Preventive Maintenance and AMC contract at the different Level and Frequency of service as per the requirement. Please contact our service department for more information.

Relocation Re-Installation

Shifting to a new premises with the machine, Axion Infotech offers re-installation services to ensure that your machine is placed trouble free to start the work at full swing at new location.

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